App in a glance

+ How Do I Use the App?

First, download blink app from Google Play Store, and open an account. Choose funds transfer, add your recipient and choose how your recipient will receive the money either to a bank account or cash pickup. To complete your fund transfer, you need to have money deposited to your blink account.

Once you performed transfer request in blink app, you will need to deposit the amount you wish to remit directly to blink’s account. You can do deposit in the following ways:

  1. Cash Deposit: You can deposit cash at any popular blink agent locations near to you, the locations are available in blink App. After the deposit, you will be asked to upload to blink app the official receipt you received and take your passport with you.
  2. Bank Wire: Deposit money to blink through your bank using the blink’s bank account info. Show the information to the teller and ask the teller to deposit money to blink. If you have an Israeli bank account, you can make an online bank transfer to blink's deposit account.
  3. Express Deposit (Recommended by blink): Sign an electronic signature on the direct debit account form and deposit money directly from your account (in any Bank or Doar) to blink only by using your phone. When using smart deposit, blink will automatically debit from your account the amount you requested to transfer overseas and automatically send it to your recipient.

We suggest using express deposit at least one day before the original schedule you are planning to send money.

After you have deposited to blink account, you will be required to provide the proof of deposit. The “Upload Confirmation” button will redirect you to your gallery to either select an existing image of your deposit receipt or take a fresh snapshot. Then you can click the OK button to continue transaction.

+ How will my Recipient receive Money Overseas?

Your recipient can receive money instantly either directly to their bank account or by cash pick-up in many pick-up locations in your recipient’s country (note, cash pick-up transfer depends and it is availability in home country)


blink processes transfer request between 8:30 to 19:00 (Israel time).

+ What Happens if I Made a Transfer Request After Operating Hours?

Any transfer request exceeding our operating hours will be delayed and processed to next business day.

+ Can I Edit My Recipient Details?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is to insert your recipient details such as full name (no initials), address and telephone number. Pay attention and ensure you enter the information correctly, as typing incorrect information may incur additional fees.

blink has a limit of 10,000 ILS per cash transaction or 25,000 ILS per bank transaction.

Safety and Trust

blink wire is a licensed money transfer operator, authorized by the ministry of finance of Israel with license number 80850. Also, blink holds strategic partnerships with the world's top financial institutions such as Cebuana Lhuillier, The Muthoot Group, Intel Express, GME Remit Nepal, etc. You can always's keep in touch with blink support team; our team is always available to you.

Rates, Fees, and Supported Countries

We charge between 1% and 2% on each transaction depending on the destination country and the way you choose to transfer fund. We are the cheapest, for example: sending 2,500 ILS with blink to Nepal will cost you just 25 ILS.

+ To which Countries can I Send Money?

We currently provide international money transfer in cash pick up and to a bank account in most major banks in Philippines, Nepal, India, Georgia and Ukraine

Identification and Registration

+ Why do I Need to upload my Passport or I.D?

blink acts under strict regulation as a financial institution licensed by the ministry of finance, that is why we have to know and verify your true identity. To comply with the regulation, we will require from you to upload your passport or I.D from time to time. Also, we may ask you to engage with you on a Skype call or request from you to send us additional I.D for verification.

Cancellation and other Technical Issues

+ What if I Make a Transaction and I Wish to Cancel it?

If you still have not deposited your money in blink, just click the cancel button and your transaction will be canceled. If you already deposited money to blink and your recipient hasn’t claimed the money yet in the destination country, blink will refund your account (we may charge you additional fees).

+ How can I get a Refund?

You can always get a refund for your transaction if the payment was not claimed at the destination country or we haven’t converted to the destination country currency yet.


You are welcome to contact our support team between 8:30 to 19:00. We are available in emergency cases 24/7.