Safe, fast and simple

blink is an innovative, secure, user-friendly platform for international money transfers.
blink's platform will provide financial services to everyone, including unbanked people: deposit and withdrawal stations, oversea transactions, micro-loans and even debit/credit card services, all at convenient widespread locations around the world.
The endless possibilities of the digital world are enhanced by using innovative technology to connect people and businesses and reach unmatchable low fee rates.


We believe in partnerships

Money changers connect with blink to create a synergy beneficial for all sides, using Blink's broad infrastructure with various payout solutions worldwide.

Employers use blink to help their staff remit money home straight from their monthly salary. Apart from providing the workers with a highly convenient remittance solution, employers get an up-to-date, efficient pay structure designed especially for them.


Our goal

blink's goal is to maximize the simplicity of sending money internationally without compromising your funds safety while significantly reducing time and costs.